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JW Pet products use hands on product research and development to develop intelligent product designs that make the lives of pets and pet parents easier.

Offering your pet a wide variety of toys and regular playtime sessions provides both mental and physical stimulation to help keep them active and prevent boredom. This durable chew and tug toy for dogs is the perfect option for boisterous pups. This customisable toy features three activities in one toy: a durable rope tug, a tough teething ring, and a plastic crinkly ball. All features are designed to stimulate all of your puppys senses, and encourage learning. You can easily customise your Puppy Connects with replaceable attachments that simply twist in and out of the durable nylon center. Keep your puppy entertained with endless combinations to play with!


-Customisable puppy toy

-Multiple attachments available - simply twist in and out of the durable nylon centre

-Made from non toxic materials

-Great for chewing or games of fetch

-Changable design reduces boredom and encourages new learning

-Keeps your pup occupied and out of mischief!



Although this toy is designed with durability in mind, no toy is indestructible. Pet Circle recommends supervising your pet with any new toy and removing it when signs of damage appear.

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